EN Engineering’s Automation team has been ranked as one of the largest systems integrators in the United States, applying our expertise to a wide range of industries where a focus on systems integrity is critical.

Whether managing the automation and manufacturing optimization system for a pet food processing facility or designing the control panels for a compressor station, our clients can be assured that our team will provide dependable and reliable automation & engineering excellence wherever energy flows and goods are produced.

For our customers in the oil & gas segment, we specialize in engineering and automation for storage facilities, compressor stations, pumping stations, control centers, and all facets of pipelines and utilities.

We help clients in the food & beverage industry with batching automation, material handling, packaging automation, and quality control. And, we serve the transportation industry with rail yard operations, communications, and track switching controls automation.

When it comes to energy generation, our team has provided solutions for gas turbine peaking plants and hydroelectric generating facilities.

We have also provided services for the upgrade and replacement of control and plant information systems for a number of chemical processing facilities.

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