EN Engineering Presents “Process Safety Management: A Good Business Strategy for LNG Facilities”


July 9, 2015

EN Engineering Presents “Process Safety Management: A Good Business Strategy for LNG Facilities”

Gary Blevins, Vice President and Senior Project Manager, and Ronnie L. Delph, Director, Business Development, recently presented “Process Safety Management: A Good Business Strategy for LNG Facilities” to the American Gas Association Operations Conference in Texas. They provided an overview of Process Safety Management (PSM) and discussed how elements of PSM can be implemented into Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities.

The presentation also covered pending regulations that may impact the natural gas business. “Many LNG and pipeline facilities are looking to adopt PSM principles via API 1173, Pipeline Safety Management System Requirements,” stated Blevins. “API 1173 sets a precedent for Natural Gas Pipeline and LNG facilities, and many companies are interested in learning about this new Recommended Practice by API. We provided an overview and explained how API 1173 will impact LNG regulations.” The presentation also covered the implications of an executive order signed by President Obama in August, 2013 titled, “Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security”. “This order may impact the production side of the natural gas business,” Blevins explained.

Many companies are proactively seeking information to help understand and implement Process Safety Management programs. “We define PSM as a way of doing business,” Blevins commented. “It makes good business sense to implement PSM because it can help reduce the incidence of catastrophic events, improve the safety culture at a facility, and shifts the mindset from reactive to preventive measures.”

EN Engineering’s team of professional engineers and consultants offers an extensive portfolio of engineering and consulting services. “Our Process Safety Management group develops and evaluates PSM programs and components for a variety of industrial clients,” Blevins concluded. “We specialize in ensuring safe and efficient operation of refineries, chemical facilities, liquid storage terminals, and gas processing facilities.”


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